Unit10AssignEffAna Due 06.08.2020

Final Course Project: Homeless Teen Program Analytics ReportScenarioRecall that you are an intern at the Riverbend City Community Action Center (CAC). Your supervisor, the CAC’s data scientist, has a project for you to work on for your internship. Three years ago, the CAC received a seven-figure grant from the Helping Hands Foundation for their Homeless Teen Program. Now, Helping Hands wants to know what the Homeless Teen Program has done in terms of developing programs. It is your responsibility to identify something specific the Homeless Teen Program has done to help the teens in the program find and maintain stable housing.InstructionsComplete your final course project assignment based on your work in earlier assignments in the course. You have had the opportunity to get your instructor’s feedback on each assignment in the course project thus far. Revise these assignments accordingly as sections for your final project report.Include the following sections in your final report:Identifying the Problem: Explain the problem that your model will address. The first step in data analytics is clarifying the exact problem you are addressing, so this is the first step in your project report. This section should correlate with the first part of your Unit 4 assignment.Model Planning: Model planning consists of identifying the data that you need to address the problem as well as determining how you will analyze it. This section should correlate with the second part of your Unit 4 assignment.Use one type of qualitative data and one type of quantitative data to address your problem. Identify the type of analysis that you will conduct for each type of data (qualitative and quantitative).Explain why that type of analysis is appropriate for that type of data and why it is appropriate to help you understand the problem that you identified in the previous step.Model Building: When you build the model you actually conduct the analyses. Conduct one qualitative analysis and one quantitative analysis. Both types of analyses should help you understand the problem that you identified at the beginning of the project. This section should correlate with your Unit 7 assignment.Operationalization: While this section technically refers to taking recommendations based on the analyses and implementing them, for the course project, it will consist of recommendations you develop based on your analyses that could be implemented at a later date. Discuss how your recommendations should be implemented. This section should include content from your Unit 8 assignment.Be sure to focus your report for your audience, the Helping Hands Foundation that funds the Homeless Teen Program.Your final report should be 8–12 pages long. It should be well organized, free of writing errors, and in correct APA format.Examine the assignment scoring guide and the course project description to be sure you have addressed all of the evaluation criteria.

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