UNIT9ProgDev. PeerResponse

UNIT9ProgDev. PeerResponseFor-Profit Business OpportunitiesResponse GuidelinesRespond to two fellow learners(SEE PEER 1* & 2** BELOW) with posts that are supported with reputable sources; local Web sites and newspapers would be appropriate for this discussion. Your writing must comply with APA style and format, and be consistent with expectations for the human services profession.In each peer response, describe one additional opportunity in which a for-profit business could help address this community problem. About 100 words each.*PEER 1…..Tina SatterwhiteUnit9discussion1COLLAPSEFor-profit business are obviously in business to make a profit, however they also have responsibilities to the communities in which the provide services.  Business ethics maintains that for-profit business should find ways to give back to their communities and better the lives of people who reside in those communities (Brown, 2019). One way for-profit businesses give back to the community is by partnering with non-profit organizations to help meet an identified issue or resolve a current societal problem (Brown, 2019).One local for-profit business I would love to partner with for my organization would be Joe’s Produce.  This is a community farmers market.  The goal of the business is to make a profit, however it is important for for-profit business to give back to the community.  My hope would be that Joe would be willing to donate some of his produce to my organization.  This would greatly help my goal of providing healthy and nutritious foods to those in need.  This would also help to lessen the great amount of food wasting that happens in America.  If he has an overabundance of something, donating would be a great way for him to help the community and also avoid wasting food.Another local for-profit business I would love to partner with for my organization would be our local Aldi’s store.  Aldi’s is a business with many locations across the United States.  Public image is an important part of business success.  Aldi’s provides foods at a affordable price, generally less than a supermarket.   They also sell a large array of healthy foods.  There are lots of fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, and milk, among others.  Partnering with this business would be a great way to get more food to assists the families who are hungry in my community.  Providing this help would be a way for Aldi’s to give back to the community.  Items donated could also be written off and would not significantly affect the company’s bottom line.ReferenceBrown, B. (2019). Beyond profit and politics: Reciprocity and the role of for-profit business: JBE JBE. Journal of Business Ethics, 159(1), 239-251. doi:http://dx.doi.org.library.capella.edu/10.1007/s10551-018-3777-6**PEER2…..Nicki BondUnit 9 Discussion 1COLLAPSEMy community problem that I identified was the need for mental health & parenting services for parents parenting with a mental illness and who children have come to the attention of the Department of Children of Family Services. There is one community that is located in our city that is one known to be one of the poorest communities in our city; it is also very high crime/violent. The community is about ninety-five percent African American. The community unfortunately lack resources in the community. The local DCFS Office receives so many cases of abuse, neglect, and dependency due to the parent’s mental illness. My program would have African American psychiatrists and other multicultural staff to provide mental health services as well as parenting. There would also be a case manager that would work with the families who have their children removed and placed into foster care. The focus of the program would to help support parents with a mental illness continue to parent their children and not lose them to the foster care system.One for-profit business that would support the community problem would be a for-profit hospital. Some hospitals are for-profit and some are non-profit. Therefore, I would select a hospital that is a for-profit that has a mental health division with psychiatrists that are African American and have a diverse mental health team. I would select a for-profit hospital that would be close to the DCFS office in the community, to ensure that it is easily accessible for the clients. The hospital would be able to provide mental health treatment as well ad medication monitoring. If inpatient treatment was necessary, the hospital would be the ideal place. The hospital also has visiting hours, so it would still be possible to have parent-child visits. A lot of hospitals do have hospital social workers, which would benefit my program.My second for-profit business that would support the community problem would be a day care in the community where the parents live. The day care would be able to act a protective day care for the children. There are times while children are involved with DCFS they are enrolled in a day care to protect the children while the parent is going to services. The day care can act as a support to the family and also ensure that the children are coming to day care and not being abused or neglected. According to Dees & Anderson (2003), “traditional sector boundaries are breaking down as societies search for more innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable ways to solve social problems and provide socially important goods, such as education and health care. One result has been a rise in the number of social entrepreneurs who want to combine a social purpose with a for-profit organizational structureReference:Dees, J. G., & Anderson, B. B. (2003). For-profit social ventures. International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 2(1), 1-26.

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