United States Founding Fathers Mischiefs Paper Essay

I have uploaded the rubric, grading scale, and example of other essays. Please follow the rubric VERY CAREFULLY as it will ask you to very specific tasks (ex. underline the thesis).

Choose one (1) question below and respond to it. You MUST follow the required social science essay writing directions for this course. Essays that are focused on addressing the question and contain analysis that is supported by specific examples will earn the most points. Essay responses that contain a strong BECAUSE thesis and are supported by at least 3 subtopics that are carried through the body and lead to a rational conclusion will earn the highest scores. Essays that do not follow the social science methodology, are vague, or awkwardly address the question, will not receive significant points.

Point value: 100 points

Choose one question:

1. Compare and contrast the Spanish, French and English colonization of the western hemisphere. Which empire was most successful in achieving its goals in what Europeans referred to as the “New World”?


2. Analyze the political, social, and economic development of the 13 British North American Colonies. What changes that occurred between the 17th and 18th centuries led to the ability of the colonies to work together during the American Revolution?


3. “The American Revolution was as radical as any other revolution, but in a special 18th century way:” Evaluate the validity of this statement.


4. In relationship to the creation of the United States Constitution the historian Charles Beard asserts that “The founding fathers were practical, selfish, politicians bent on preserving a system of wealth and privilege in which they all shared.” Assess the validity of this statement.

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