Week 2: The Story of Social WorkWEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT 2 MSW6-6-2020Week 2: The Story of Social WorkSocial work has a rich history. The commitment by many to equality and social change significantly influenced the development of the social work profession. These individuals devoted their lives to social change, equality, and social justice, incorporating their accompanying values into the profession. To understand the purpose and mission of the social work profession, look to the stories of the individuals who influenced its development.The story of social work could have neither developed nor received representation in the literature without an ongoing commitment by practitioners, researchers, and leaders in the field.This week, you demonstrate your commitment to both adopting the conventions of APA Style and completing the requirements of the Walden Master’s in Social Work program. You also investigate the life of an important figure in social work history.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Assess choice of social work as a careerIdentify personal and professional valuesApply strategies to avoid plagiarismAnalyze historic figure in social workPhoto Credit: [Caiaimage/Sam Edwards]/[OJO+]/Getty ImagesAssignment 2: Social Work and Social ChangeSocial Work and Social ChangeFor this Assignment, select one individual from the following list of important historical figures in social work.Jane AddamsFlorence KelleyIda M. CannonGrace AbbottJanie Porter BarrettEllen Gates StarrFrances PerkinsMary RichmondRichard CabotJosephine Shaw LowellGeorge Edmund HaynesLugenia Burns HopeSophonisba BreckinridgeLillian WaldHarry HopkinsBirdye Henrietta HaynesBy day 7Submit a 2-page document in which you highlight the important contributions of the individual you selected. Your document shouldOutline the individual’s path to working in the social      work field.Describe the most important contribution(s) of the      individual to the field.Explain how the study of this individual would inform      your practice as a social worker.Adhere to APA conventions.Responsiveness to Directions          Points Range:     40.5 (27%) – 45 (30%)   Paper fully addresses all instruction prompts.        Points Range:     36 (24%) – 40.45 (26.97%)   Paper addresses most of the instruction prompts; however, one or more prompts may have been insufficiently addressed.        Points Range:     31.5 (21%) – 35.95 (23.97%)   Paper addresses some of the  instructions prompts, but may have missed several prompts or did not  sufficiently address the majority of prompts.        Points Range:     0 (0%) – 31.45 (20.97%)   Paper does not address the majority of instruction prompts and/or insufficiently addresses all instruction prompts.     Content          Points Range:     54 (36%) – 60 (40%)   Paper demonstrates an excellent  understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the  text(s) and Learning Resources. Paper provides significant detail  including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and  other sources, and discerning ideas. Paper demonstrates exemplary  critical thought.        Points Range:     48 (32%) – 53.94 (35.96%)   Paper demonstrates a good  understanding of most of the concepts and key points presented in the  text(s) and Learning Resources. Paper includes moderate detail, evidence  from the readings, and discerning ideas. Paper demonstrates good  critical thought.        Points Range:     42 (28%) – 47.94 (31.96%)   Paper demonstrates a fair  understanding of the concepts and key points as presented in the text(s)  and Learning Resources. Paper may be lacking in detail and specificity  and/or may not include sufficient pertinent examples or provide  sufficient evidence from the readings. Paper demonstrates some critical  thought.        Points Range:     0 (0%) – 41.94 (27.96%)   Paper demonstrates poor  understanding of the concepts and key points of the text(s) and Learning  Resources. Paper is missing detail and specificity and/or does not  include any pertinent examples or provide sufficient evidence from the  readings. Paper demonstrates poor critical thought.     Writing          Points Range:     40.5 (27%) – 45 (30%)   Paper is well organized, uses  scholarly tone, follows APA style, uses original writing and proper  paraphrasing, contains very few or no writing and/or spelling errors,  and is fully consistent with graduate level writing style. Paper  contains multiple, appropriate and exemplary sources expected/required  for the assignment.        Points Range:     36 (24%) – 40.45 (26.97%)   Paper is mostly consistent with  graduate level writing style. Paper may have some small or infrequent  organization, scholarly tone, or APA style issues, and/or may contain a  few writing and spelling errors, and/or somewhat less than the expected  number of or type of sources.        Points Range:     31.5 (21%) – 35.95 (23.97%)   Paper is somewhat below graduate  level writing style, with multiple smaller or a few major problems.  Paper may be lacking in organization, scholarly tone, APA style, and/or  contain many writing and/or spelling errors, or shows moderate reliance  on quoting vs. original writing and paraphrasing. Paper may contain  inferior resources (number or quality).        Points Range:     0 (0%) – 31.45 (20.97%)   Paper is well below graduate level  writing style expectations for organization, scholarly tone, APA style,  and writing, or relies excessively on quoting. Paper may contain few or  no quality resources.

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