Vaccine Controversies

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Vaccine Controversies

There is no doubt that the topic of vaccine has received numerous fears because of its below 100% effectiveness, among other reasons. On the other hand, the campaign for vaccine has been strongly recommended because of the lives saved through it and the diseases it has prevented such as polio and small pox. In this discussion, I will attempt to look at the two perspectives with a view of shading light to what is the most important, severe and useful to mankind regarding vaccine controversies in the world today.

Since vaccine was introduced, there have been rivalry by religion on unfounded facts. Owing in mind many unvaccinated children have passed away, religions remain firm with their Simon says hence nations give in to their negative ideas. On the question of safety versus sanity, the cell has some viral vaccines which has to be gotten from humans. Rubella vaccine is derived from tissues taken therapeutic abortions performed in 1960s.

In Kerala a magazine had an article of certain minor post-vaccine adverse events causing death. A boycott of vaccine was called and vaccines called “agents of death”. The respond to that was predictable as there was a heated debate on television channels. Later the article was removed since there was opposition lead by Indian Medical Association but by then many had already accepted the vaccines should be eradicated. Before this, in Malappuram district of India, religion groups said that vaccines was targeted to demolish a certain religion. As a result 100% of children in that district have been vaccinated but only 74% are fully protected. A campaign is needed being led by IMA (Indian Medical Association) to stop the spread of myths against vaccines (Vasudevan, 2016).

In conclusion, vaccines save lives but the need to draw a line between what is right or acceptable and what are wrong calls for a lot of compromise from all parties. The examples above show that more research also need to be undertaken to find better ways to cope with allergies from vaccines so as to improve on survival rate after vaccination.


Vasudevan, S. (2016). Vaccine Controversies. Vaccine Controversies, Vol IX.

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