vaccines and vaccination

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Even though the benefits of vaccines and vaccination have been well communicated to the people, controversies have still been detected. Apparently, this is out of the high number of people who still die because of an outbreak of vaccinated diseases. The controversies arise as many vaccines have been found to cause other health-related problems and are thus not welcomed by a majority of people.

Mercury was found in vaccines, especially, in multi-dose vaccines which are being preserved by methyl mercury. The effect of mercury in the nervous system is hazardous as the liquid metal causes illnesses to human beings. Consequently, many people avoided the vaccines as they considered them harmful to their health. The DPT vaccine also has some conspiracies as some children suffered neurological conditions just after being vaccinated. As a result, the potential risk of the vaccine was escaped by avoiding immunization (Dube, Vivion & MacDonald, 2015).

Various incidences, especially, when the Cutter Laboratories manufactured a number of drugs to aid in the prevention of polio, led to controversies. The doses were found to contain some virus which caused the number of polio infection, death, and even paralysis. The epidemic led to an increase in the number of people who reject the issue of vaccination. Seemingly, the controversies are caused by doubt of effectiveness and safety (Verger et al, 2015).

Assuredly, in reference to the previous cases, many people still find it difficult to believe that the vaccines are effective and cannot cause harm. The perceptions are being based on how the vaccines affected people before and this makes people run away from vaccination. As a result, disease outbreaks wipe a lot of people who still find it difficult to change their perceptions. I feel that vaccines are essential and that they shouldn’t be all considered unsafe due to a few cases.


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