video response assignment.

Summarize your analysis from the 3 prompts making sure you include the definition and clear analysis of the “Looking Glass Self” and “Generalized self” as discussed by the text.  Also, do you you personally connect with your character?  How do you reflect on the self and your interactions with others?Choose One Character to Analyze (Kate, Kevin, Randall) from the show “This is Us”, episode entitled “The Pool” and use the prompts below for your analysis. Make sure you take plenty of notes to back up your argument:1.How do you see their “Looking Glass Self” Socially Constructed through interactions with others (siblings, parents, etc…)?2.Do you think their self-concept occurs because others viewed them differentlyor treated them differently?3.What is their “generalized other”? (For example, how does Kate identify being that she is overweight?  What does society say about being “fat”?)it requires only 1 page, and no reference.

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