Visual Basics Assignment

Unit II Homework

Chapter 2: Exercises 1, 2, & 3

Complete Exercises 1, 2, and 3 in the Exercises section at the end of Chapter 2 on page 31. Check your answers for Exercises 1 and 2 by referring to Appendix B. The answer for Exercise 3 is not in Appendix B, so your grade will be heavily based on how you complete it. Save all of your work in one Microsoft Word document, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

Unit II Project

So far, this course has addressed control structures, problem solving, and planning. This project provides you with an opportunity to apply those concepts by analyzing the problem, planning an algorithm, and performing a desk-check.

Click here to download the template (a Microsoft Word document) for this project and to complete the three-step process of analyzing the problem, planning the algorithm, and desk-checking the algorithm.

Step 1: Analyze the Problem Step one of this project requires you to first identify a problem and to briefly draft the details of the problem in approximately one to two sentences. Also, compose a solution for the identified problem in a paragraph. You may choose the problem; however, the solution must involve a calculating program which you can design. Be sure to include input and output while analyzing the problem. Here are a few examples of designing a program to solve a problem:

  1. calculate discount rates
  2. calculate a customer’s balance (how much he or she owes)
  3. calculate purchase costs
  4. calculate employee pay and pay-raise percentages
  5. calculate the costs of rental merchandise

Step 2: Plan the Algorithm The next part of the project involves drafting pseudocode and a flowchart as part of the planning process of an algorithm. This task helps identify all of the details for an algorithm—planning the algorithm. Draft a set of pseudocode to include at least the following details:

  •  the output
  •  the input
  •  the algorithm with at least three instructions (Be sure the calculation instructions specify both what is to becalculated and also how to perform the calculation.)Next, draft a flowchart by using the shapes in the template (a Microsoft Word document). The flowchart must include at least the following components:
  •  one start symbol and one stop symbol (ovals)
  •  one input symbol and one output symbol (parallelograms)
  •  one process symbol (rectangle) flowlinesStep 3: Desk-Check the Algorithm The final step involves performing a desk-check by inserting sample data (e.g., values) into a table. This allows you to test the algorithm to ensure it functions properly. Include at least two sample data sets in the desk-check table.
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