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A Management Information System for Medical Services at Command Headquarters: This article dives into the use of management information systems in medicinal services. Similarly, as different kinds of associations use management information systems to store, handle, process and recover information, social insurance associations can apply them. Utilized in human services, MIS considers brisk basic leadership and utilitarian improvement in these associations. In particular, the article takes a gander at the MIS created by headquarters. Among its key highlights incorporate the evaluation of clinic benefits through utilitarian refresh and checking, client order supposition, tasteful patient study, modernization of emergency clinics, employability, and accessibility of pro officers and condition of basic things in a medical clinic. Because of the computerization coming about because of the MIS, there is accounted for development in medicinal consideration arrangement.

The essentialness of management information systems for upgrading vital and strategic arranging: This article centers around the utilization of MIS to encourage productive basic leadership in monetary associations. Analysts chose two money-related associations in Bahrain to build up how contrasts in the utilization of MIS influenced them. In particular, they took a gander at the utilization of MIS in basic leadership for strategic and vital arranging. The outcome showed the utilization of MIS in upgrading vital arranging in the two associations contemplated. MIS should be open for it to apply quality information to an association that will enable it to appreciate benefits. The analysts prescribe that in utilizing MIS, budgetary foundations ought to keep up legitimate systems that permit a free stream of information.

The Role of Management Information System (MIS) and Decision Support System (DSS) for Manager’s Decision Making Process: While there are numerous sorts of information systems, the writers of this article contend that MIS and Decision Support Systems are the most essential in any association. The article characterizes an MIS as a technique for giving information from the past, present and anticipated future on inside activities and outer knowledge. It capacities to help arranging and control of tasks henceforth give information that aids basic leadership. Further, the article gives the essential highlights of any MIS including standard detailing, report improvement works, the prerequisite for the formal demand and the generation of formal requests. At long last, the article takes a gander at the job of MIS in basic leadership.

Key Concepts: The most critical idea examined in the three articles is the significance of MIS in basic leadership. Asemi et al., (2011) present the general ways, for example, helping supervisors with extraction and amalgamation of monstrous information. Then again, Gulati et al., (1995) and Karim, (2011) gives explicit strategies, for example, assurance of patient fulfillment and assurance of credit rates in medicinal services and budgetary establishments separately. Another key idea learned is the advantages of MIS where considering snappy and exact basic leadership is key in every one of the articles. Thirdly, the articles dive into the idea of guaranteeing the nearness of Information Technology Knowledge in any association looking to utilize MIS.

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