watch movie quot amour quot and write essay about the elderly

For this 5-6 page researched paper, you need to develop an essay that will support your own main idea about something specific about the elderly. You must include your reseached article, the archived material and one article from our class book on the elderly. For example, if you have worked on a final project to look at a film analysis of the elderly, select the concepts that the movie made about the characters. Were the elderly seen as desperate to travel or weak and fragile to be active in the community? Then write your opinion of how a movie can influence the audience. You can use your movie review as support and evidence.

INTRODUCTION: This should be general and define how YOU THINK society looks at aging and the elderly? How do you know? Give examples and explain. Then write your ONE MAIN IDEA or thesis statement.

DEVELOPING PARAGRAPHS: Present one point at a time and prove it from your researched material. Do not forget that you should not begin paragraphs with a quote. Make sure you provide the background needed for your audience who know nothing about your topic or research.

CONCLUSION: Why is this important to know? What should happen and why? Why do you suppose this is not the case or is?

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