We are required to produce a business report with an executive summary.

  1. Report Must Cover Following Sections:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Analysis of Data Centre Layout & Design of the 2 rooms & other areas within the DC facility. (Use DC Floor Plan Doc)
    3. Capacity Analysis of the existing DC Facility & Infrastructure including potential for growth.
    4. Risk & Redundancy Analysis of the existing DC Facility & Infrastructure
    5. A Plan to Mitigate Any Major Issues identified in Layout & Design, Current Capacity if any and Uptime/Redundancy to ensure that the facility if more robust in the future.
    6. The University needs to add a further 40 racks (4 KW per rack) into the existing facility. Produce a feasibility study on whether this is possible and if not, what changes can be made to ensure it can happen in the future. Please ensure you include all your calculations and analysis of capacity etc.

Notes & Help Section:

  • For parts 2 & 4 you must include Power, Cooling & DC Layout & Design to show assist any these sections. Easier to highlight the risks on the diagrams provided.
  • When looking at redundancy & risk of the Existing Infrastructure, highlight any single points of failure and the potential risk of these. This can be done as a Risk Analysis or Matrix, include the level of risk involved.
  • Section 5 : Focus this on fixing or reducing/mitigating the risk involved. Remember you can’t always totally remove the risk due to the difficulty in implementing or cost involved but can take measures to reduce the potential of this being a risk in the future. Best way is to highlight the issue and provide methods of removing or reducing the risk and explain any potential issues involved in carrying out this work. Remember having an outage to fix an issue may be not feasible. Remember some changes might be too expensive or risky to do, they would normally come under the next section which is mitigation of risk
  • Section 6: Work this in a simple format – add the racks into the capacity calculations & DC layout and work from there. If there isn’t the capacity in any element of the infrastructure or space then work through a plan to change or add infrastructure to cope with the additional capacity. Or provide an option for what is possible to be added by the University into this facility.
  • Assume Volts is 240 and Power Factor is 0.8 in any calculations
  • Assume all racks draw 4KW of power, this includes the new racks in section 6. Documents Attached
  1. DC Floor Plan
  2. Electrical / Power Diagram 1
  3. Electrical /Power Diagram 2
  4. DC Current Asset List with Current Load & Max Capacity
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