Week 6 D1 and D2: Substance Abuse and Case Study of Ben

Discussion 1

Substance Abuse

Respond to the following in your initial post:

  • Distinguish between substance use, abuse, and dependence. Be sure to use current DSM-5 terminology and conceptualizations as you respond to this task.
  • Compare the presentation differences you could expect to see in an individual diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder who is dependent on one of these:
    • Marijuana.
    • Alcohol.
    • Methamphetamines.
    • Cocaine.
  • Briefly assess the factors involved in at least one ethnic and cultural issue related to substance abuse that is at the heart of a current controversy, being sure to include a perspective on diathesis-stress issues.

    Discussion 2

    Case Study of Ben, Part 1

    Review the Case Study of Ben, Part 1. Use the Case Study Response Guide to guide your analysis of how you might apply the DSM-5 to diagnose Ben’s condition.

    For your initial post in this discussion, though, rather than providing a diagnosis, submit your responses to these questions:

    1. What diagnostic possibilities does Ben’s case present?
    2. What have you read in the case history so far that presents these possibilities for you?
    3. What kind of questions you might ask to evaluate each diagnostic possibility? You must consider at least two, but no more than three, diagnostic possibilities, and develop a series of questions to interview for each possibility.
    4. What possible answers would lead you toward or away from each of your possibilities?
    5. What further information and referrals would you want to clarify Ben’s diagnosis?

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