What is the difference between high-, middle-, and low-range theories, health & medical

.What is the difference between high-, middle-, and low-range theories? Explain your understanding of a middle-range nursing theory. Identify a research study in which a middle-range theory was applied. Discuss the study results and implications for practice.

2.Go the website clinicaltrials.gov sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Click on the menu tab About Clinical Studies to get the drop down menu to select Learn About Clinical Studies.

Read this information and explore the rest of the site to gain a better understanding of clinical trials. Share something new you learned and your thoughts and/or experiences with clinical trials.

3. For this discussion use the document submited about mental illness

Progress report: Present your final topic and problem statement. Share with your classmates a few of the resources (journals, databases, scholarly articles, etc.) you have vetted. Identify those you found useful and those you have dismissed and explain why. Describe what you have done so far for research (how many sources you have found that are keepers, and how many you have dismissed). Share how you are keeping everything organized and free from accidental plagiarism. Share your plans for completing and managing your remaining research and deadlines.

In your responses to your peers, provide suggestions, tips, and strategies for clearing obstacles and staying on track.

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