Wk 2 – Program Analysis

Wk 2 – Program Analysis [due Mon]Goals & standardsAligned with assessment (2)2.22.2 Interpret the Uniform Crime Report and explore other major data sources in delinquency.Goal Set & CategoryCPSS_415Course ObjectiveShow Less2.42.4 Demonstrate how prevention and control of delinquency are measured.Goal Set & CategoryCPSS_415Course ObjectiveShow LessAssignment ContentReview theOffice of Justice Programswebsite.Analyze one program that is working and one that is not working.Create a 12 to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes in every slide analyzing the two programs.·      Discuss the similarities and differences between the two programs.·      Determine why one program is successful and the other is not.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Make sure you limit what is on each slide and use presenter notes. Your font on the slides should NOT be smaller than 20-pt.

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