Wk7 Walden University Advanced Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis


Outline your proposed interview procedures, providing justification of each procedure included in your list.

Who you are considering interviewing

Incorporation of the exact verbiage provided by the IRB’s Office of Research and Compliance

The revised interview guide, which now includes the invitation, informed consent, introductory statement, the interview, and a concluding/closing statement

In which format to conduct the interview (e-mail, phone, or in person), with a justification for your choice and inclusion of appropriate sources (referring to articles)

Choosing and coordinating a peer debrief with one of your classmates, which can be by phone (preferably) or e-mail and will occur after you have collected your data


Assignment 1: Complete Final Project Step II

Revise your interview instrument based on the feedback you receive from your classmates and Instructor.

Prepare a document that includes the following components:

A brief description of how you will recruit two participants

A protocol that includes the invitation, informed consent (using the verbatim document from the Walden IRB), interview guide (revised based on feedback from your Instructor and classmates), closing statement, and peer debrief paragraph.


Regarding the research plan, address the following:

What are the best sources for finding participants who fit your criteria for inclusion in the sample?

Who do you need to contact to get permission to distribute your announcement?

How do you choose information-rich cases?

Regarding your practice interviews for the course, address the following:

Brainstorm ideas for asking friends and/or family who could role-play the task of the interviewee sufficiently to provide a rich, detailed interview.

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