write a persuasive email childcare

Your course project is to develop an Anti-Bias Action Plan. For this part of your project, you will lobby for making change by writing a persuasive email requesting a meeting to share your anti-bias action plan. You will direct this email to an organization or early childhood leader that can support you in implementing change based on your Anti-Bias Action Plan.

In only five paragraphs, create the content of the persuasive email by include the following components:

Introduction paragraph

  • In your first paragraph, address your audience (person or organization) by name and tell the person/organization who you are and state the main argument you will use to persuade them.

Content paragraphs

  • In the next three paragraphs, persuade the person or organization to accept your point of view on the issue. Explain why it’s important to respect, value, and appreciate diversity and diverse characteristics among individuals. Use data and information to back up your point of view (share your research from the background and data gathering at the beginning of the project).


  • In the final paragraph, summarize your point of view. Then, ask the person or organization to take some sort of formal action and request a meeting date.
  • Close with your name and signature.

As you write your persuasive email, remember your audience. You should use a suitable tone and develop your content in a way that will speak to and connect with your reader. Use proper professional grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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