writing revise

Revise the writing portion of your completed lesson plan from your Field Experience C assignment after determining how to use the data to develop further strategies or interventions to support learning needs. Remember to highlight your writing strategy changes in RED in your lesson plan this week so that it is clear what writing changes were made.

Share your revised writing activity with your certified general education classroom teacher to discuss changes made based on pre-assessment data. With your small group, review the previous lesson’s reading comprehension and vocabulary concepts, and then teach the writing activity. Upon completion of the writing portion of the lesson, use the pre-assessment to post-assess students.

Part 2: Lesson Reflection

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon instructional choices, lesson delivery, as well as pre- and post- assessment data. Rationalize your instructional choices and identify successes of lesson plan delivery as well as areas of potential growth.

In addition, reflect on pre-assessment and your checks for understanding to determine improvement of content based on delivery of instruction. Identify results and changes you hope to make for future assessments. Be sure to explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.

(Field experience C)


English Comprehension

Instructional Plan Title:

The Strange Star by Anita N. Amin

Lesson Summary and Focus:

It is a fictitious story of the experience Rosie had on visiting the beach with her father during the day and instead of coming into contact with the stars she encounters the starfish instead. The story will emphasize the fluency through repetitive reading and repetition.

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping:

This is a fairly diverse class comprising of students who are highly talented third graders, ESL students, and students who could be regarded as regular students. There are no cases of 504s and the class comprises of 18 students of the three categories identified above. The learning atmosphere is conducive and the school is public benefitting from county, federal and state funding.

National/State Learning Standards:

The students reading skills will be tested and their ability to memorize the storyline. The learners should be in a position to identify the characters in the story with precision. The testing of their understanding will be done by ensuring they take multiple tests at the end of the lesson. At the end of the lesson, the learner should be in a position to narrate the story and chronologically give out the main happenings. The learner should also be in a pot start identifying the moral of the story.

Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives:

The learner should be able to provide answers to a puzzle testing the vocabulary of the fiction story. Third graders should also be in a position to demonstrate some level of creativity and innovativeness by giving an alternative topic to the one given in the fiction narrative above.

Provided with the names of four characters in an objective question, the learner will be able to identify the character found in the story narrated in class.

In addition, the learners will be able to identify the main characters of the story as Rosie and her Dad.

Academic Language

. The vocabulary in “the strange star “story include:

Strange, starfish,frowned,foggy,ocean,glowing,beach,gathered,shoulders and tomorrow. The third graders will be in a position to learn the meaning of these words by ensuring they engage in interactive communication and use of graphics. The learners will be encouraged to read loudly in unison and individually in turns to ensure they build on their confidence and language proficiency.

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology:

For effective teaching, I will use pictures, charts, crayons, PowerPoint presentations, and even online resources like the websites. A case in point is the story featuring in this lesson plan .The story is entitled the strange star by Anita N. Amin and it is lifted from a website for third-grade resources. The URL for the website is www.superteacherworksheets.com

Section 2: Instructional Planning

Anticipatory Set

The students will engage in group reading and then they will read in turns such that they gain confidence and freely be corrected by their peers in a situation where they make pronunciation errors. Since the lesson will be touching on a story of fiction, I will prepare the lesson by:

Letting the students engage by brainstorming on the types of stars in the galaxy

The students could also give out the different types of fish they know

I will use visuals to ensure they identify the types of fish and stars in the galaxy.

Time Needed

1 hour

Multiple Means of Representation

Owing to the fact that the class comprises of students of diverse capabilities in language acquisition, I will present the learning material in diverse ways to ensure the students with different learning capabilities benefit from the lesson.

Learners who are exhibiting exemplary mastery of language and comprehension skills will be given the more challenging tasks like character identification and analysis.

Average students who are grasping the main concepts will be allowed to work in groups and narrate the storyline.

The students who regard English as a second language will be given extra homework and allocated remedial classes to ensure they are on par with the other groups.

Time Needed

1 hour

Multiple Means of Engagement

Student engagement in reading and writing comprehension is very important due to the fact that third graders are curious to learn and it is in this stage where the best prolific public speakers and writers are groomed and nurtured. To ensure students maximally benefit from the learning activity, I will

  • Use the matching card system where students will try engaging with their peers who have a card matching their answer.

For the students with language acquisition challenges, I will employ the utilization of features and graphics to ensure they become conversant with the main principles discussed in class

Time Needed

1 hour

Multiple Means of Expression

Due to the fact that there is a glaring discrepancy in the linguistic brilliance of the third graders due to their diverse backgrounds, I will employ different strategies to ensure the students maximally benefit from the learning activity

Remedial classes will be provided for students with learning difficulties

The students who are not well versed with the English language will be allocated remedial classes to ensure they catch up with their counterparts

Students who are good at writing but cannot express themselves in reading will be provided with more reading homework and some extra tuition on audiovisual competency classes

Time Needed

1 hour

Extension Activity and/or Homework

Third graders are a very curious group and are anxious to learn to seek their identity and independence. It is therefore advisable to ensure they are accorded the attention they deserve by ensuring they are provided with enough learning activities to maintain their interest in language acquisition initiatives. For the learners who have issues in language proficiency, a local arrangement should be made with their parents/guardians to ensure they are given enough homework to handle at the comfort of their homes.

Time Needed

1 hour

Rationale/Reflection For the third graders, group work is very essential since it imparts the learners with the necessary confidence to tap their potential. Other initiatives include:

Engaging the class in discussion with students exchanging ideas goes a long way in imparting knowledge to needy students

Giving out tests on multiple choice questions also ensures the learner’s proficiency is tested and gauged

Engaging in writing and comprehension initiatives also ensures the students perfect their language skills.

Part 2: Reflection

It is quite evident that teacher feedback is by and large an integral part of the learning process and a very essential quantifier of academic excellence especially in situations where the county,state and federal government is spending immense resources to support the third graders in their language proficiency and communication skills.Depending on the learners level of competence,it goes without saying that teachers need to employ different teaching strategies to ensure they satisfy the ever growing needs of the diverse student population in a regular American third grade class.For instance ,in most public schools,there will be fast learners with exemplary language proficiency,students with above average language proficiency ,and,students with varying degrees of language barriers problems due to the fact that they are immgarnts emanating from countries where English is not a native language .The teacher has to ensure he/she employs different strategies in ensuring the diverse needs of the students are met. the students who are having learning problems will be in a position to get extra coaching and more personalized tutorials to ensure their academic potentials are met.

I will use the findings of my teaching plan to improve and learn from the experiences in my wealth of experience teaching English reading,writin and comprehension to third graders of diverse proficiency levels and backgrounds.because of disparities in family income especially due to financial hardships,I will recommend that needy students should be having their meals from the federal run public school meal program.this will ensure that needy students can humbly and adequately concentrate in class owing to the fact that students cannot excel academically in empty stomachs. The government also should ensure they remunerate teachers handsomely and fund further training since there are growing trends and teachers need to always perfect their knowledge.

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