a rhetorically informed toxicity quot clean up quot plan

A Rhetorically Informed Toxicity “Clean Up” Plan

For this option, you would start from a game that is undeniably toxic. You would follow these steps:

A. Explain why the game is toxic/what that toxic behavior manifests as, offering examples.

B. Propose a plan to fix the toxic behavior/to alter the community with support (meaning some research/sources). This needs to be a plan that is specific and supported.

C. Offer logic as to how your plan (B) could theoretically change the problems in your examples (from A).

D. You need to assemble a “justification” for your plan wherein you either: 1) Craft a short bibliography of references that can be used to illustrate to your readers that you’ve done the legwork/know your topic or 2) you need to gather feedback from “experts” or “influencers” to show that others who know and deeply understand the game community feel like the plan has merit. This is a deliberate effort to build ethos for your plan.

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