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CS165W2 Google Docs Assignment


You are the director of Parks and Recreation for a small town in Indiana..One of your regular duties is to enroll children into the summer teeballleague and assign them to teams. Each May, you prepare a newsletterwith the team rosters, mascots, and coach’s name and phone number.This year you will have 63 kids to enroll into 6 teams.To accomplish this, you will need to:1)Open a new Doc and rename itLastNameFirstName_GoogleAssignment22)Create a 4×7 table.3)Label the top row of cells with: “Team Name”, “Team Members”,“Mascot” and “Coach”4)Use background fill to turn the top row of the tables a different color,center and bold the text within the cells. (If your background fill colormakes the text hard to read, you will need to change your font colorto provide contrast)5)Download and use this document to copy and paste information intoyour table:CS165 W2 Assignment Data File You will need to divideup the children between the six teams, but you may use anycombination of teams, children, and coaches that you like.6)Use the “Insert Image” tool to search for a mascot image for eachteam. You may either use Insert–>Image–>Search or perform aGoogle search outside of Docs, copy the URl and useInsert–>Image–>URL to paste in the link.

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