(Advanced Information systems) Risk Assessment Paper

1. Ever since an article ran in Fortune about GFI, the network engineers report that they’ve noted a significant spike in network traffic crossing into the internal networks. They report that they cannot be certain what or who is generating this traffic, but the volume and frequency of traffic is certainly abnormal. The management is very concerned over securing the corporate confidential data and customer information. Suggestions on improvements to perimeter security and/or methods of identifying the source of intrusions should be presented in your risk assessment. 90 90 Wireless Antenn9a0

2. The interrelationship between data and operations concerns COO Mike Willy. Increasingly, some of the ten (10) remote sites have been reporting significant problems with network latency, slow performance, and application time-outs against the Oracle database. The company’s business model is driving higher and higher demand for data, but your capability to respond to these problems are drasticallylimited. Suggestions on reducing network latency or increasing application response time and availability should be presented in your risk assessment.

3. Mobility is important for the organization to interact with the customers and other co-workers in near real-time. However, the COO is concerned with mobility security and would like you to research best practices for mobile computing. Security within the BYOD environment should be presented in your risk assessment.

4. Employees enjoy the flexibility of getting access to the corporate network using a WiFi network. However, the COO is concerned over the security ramifications over the wireless network that is widely open to the company and nearby residents. Security within the wireless environment should be presented in your risk assessment. 5. The company plans to offer its products and services online and requested its IT department to designa Cloud Computing based e-commerce platform. However, the COO is particularly concerned over the cloud computing security in case the customer database is breached.

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