Amy’s Restaurant Business Plan Varieties of food/drinks Paper

My Business will be a restaurant named AMYS where customers will be able either to sit and eat or take their menusout. It will carry different varieties of food and drinks. The menu will essentially be a variety of sandwiches (hot and cold), soup, salad, pasta, pastries (croissant, cheesecake…), chips, hot plate (quiches), fruits, coffee, latte, hot chocolate, hot teas etc.… I will also include some kids’ menu such as grilled cheese, peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and all food will be made fresh.Customers will be able to place their orders online or just by walking in. The physical location will be in a busy area where people often spend time with friends or family such as Mall, or Airport. Also, a website will be designed where my customers can have an idea about my products and be able to get some coupons or gift cards that they can use once they decide to come visit the restaurant. The restaurant should be open by next year in 2020. I am currently working on the business plan and that would be my first one so far. It should be a total of 20 to 25 pages

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