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1.  Why is there sometimes a question over whether to allocate an expense to the POM, reserve for replacement, or capital account? When are such questions likely to arise? How would you deal with the decision process regarding the allocation of expenses?

2.  You are the General Manager of a large resort property. The Human Resource Manager is looking for guidance on your request to start the hiring process for a new Facilities Manager. She wants your thoughts on the scope of duties and responsibilities for the position. Detail the major categories you consider to be the most important and explain your reasoning.

3.  At a recent executive board meeting, the owners of your 300-room resort property were presented with the fact that energy costs for your property have risen from six percent of the property revenues to eight percent of revenues. They want to know what you plan to do to correct the situation. Explain how you would respond to this financial and environmental issue.

4.  Read the Case Study entitled “Greening the Excelsior” on pages 116-117 and consider the following questions: What items might Susan present to the GM regarding the value of a green program in addition to the potential for business such as CERES? Who do you think Susan should involve in the group of staff to pursue the green program? Why? What should Susan do to investigate other green market opportunities for the Excelsior Hotel?  Page 116    Page 117 

 There is a 200 word minimum response required for EACH question, and a 300 word maximum.  In-text and reference citations in APA format are required for all written responses.

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