Answer the question and give comments to other person

Answer the following question and reply two persons’ answers. (Give them some comments)

The answer needs 250 words.


Some scientists argue that chimpanzees should be put into the genus Homo. What are the arguments for and against this taxonomic change? What are the implications beyond anthropology if such a change should be made?

Think about how chimpanzees are treated compared in humans. Chimps are biologically and intellectually very similar to humans, yet in the end, are treated as distinctly different and separate. Is this fair?

Oftentimes, the boundary between humans and other animals is blurred. Check out the following story about the “monkey selfie” case ( for a prim(at)e example. How would chimp rights be affected by a taxonomic change?

In your answer, please choose which side you support in this debate (whether chimps should be included in the same genus as modern humans), and then provide support for your claim. Additionally, please discuss the possible repercussions of your decision if it was to be implemented. This is a three-part response, so make sure you include all three parts to get full points.

Each comment needs 100words.

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