Application Assignment

The last component of the Capstone Project involves the identification and critical analysis of a potential resolution to the identified problem. In this Application Assignment you will critically analyze one of the potential resolutions you proposed in Week 8. What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?

To prepare:

· Review the “Problem Solving Template” (located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar), paying particular attention to the section on analyzing the solution.

Problem Solving Template

Now that you have critically analyzed the problem/issue the next step is generating a solution. Please review the following steps in creating the problem resolution for your identified problem/issue

Step 1

Identify the goal in developing a resolution.

Using the evacuation plan example, the goal would be to prevent the Hurricane Katrina disaster from occurring again by creating an effective, well developed evacuation plan.

Step 2

List as many possible solutions as you can generate. They don’t all have to be effective, practical or realistic. You can consider what other states have done in similar situations.

A short list of possible solutions for the evacuation plan for New Orleans:

Have emergency management officials trained on a variety of evacuation plans from around the country prior to revising the plan for New Orleans

Develop evacuation plan drills for the city to practice the plan to ensure that it works properly.

Develop ways to educate/inform the entire city about the newly revised evacuation plan including how it works, maps on where people would go and how they would get there.

Step 3

For each possible solution discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Is it a realistic solution? Is it manageable? What are the costs and benefits of the solution? What are the challenges and barriers to the solution?

Using the example of evacuation drills for the city

This is probably not a realistic plan considering the size of the city. It would be financially costly to do evacuation drills as the emergency prepared staff would have to be paid, the National Guard troops would have to be alerted. It’s also probably unmanageable as it would require that the residents leave their jobs, and it would cause multiple traffic jams.

Step 4

Choose the resolution that seems best suited to work in alleviating the problem/issue to include in the capstone document.

· Review the feedback provided in the Week 8 Discussion.

· Consider the following questions for the resolution you have selected:

o Is the resolution realistic?

o What are the consequences of the resolution, and who would be impacted?

o What would be the challenges and barriers to implementing the resolution?

The assignment:


Submit a 1- to 2-page description of the selected resolution with its advantages and disadvantages. Also explain challenges and barriers to its implementation.

Remember to cite your information for the application in proper APA format and complete citations. Only those sources used and cited can be listed as references.


Potential Resolutions by Patricia

In order to try and identify the problem of why individuals use medically prescribed prescription drugs and other substances, we must ask ourselves Why is the subject using a medically prescribed drug for purposes other than intended? The way we look at problems affects how we study them and try to solve them (O’Neill, 2005). Critical analysis of the problem should ensure that the objective of the analysis is to arrive at a judgment. Assuming that we are applying critical analysis to the problem at hand, let us think about the questions that arise with respect to the problem statement. Most if not all individuals start using drugs to alleviate pain either mentally or physically. Initially, the drug is administered in controlled dosages to address a problem, over time the usage of drugs may cause changes in the functioning of the brain. It may essentially cause structural changes. During the time of such changes happening within the brain, which the subject is unaware of, the brain sends signals wanting to take this drug in order to feel ‘better’ or ‘normal’. Over and over when such signals are responded with the induction of the drug, the individual becomes attached to the drug to a point of no return, which causes the individual to become addicted. The two potential resolutions to identify the problem of the inappropriate use of medically prescribed prescription drugs and other substances that I will chose are: Parental Control and Attending to one’s problems. Parental control in cases where teens abuse the drugs used by parents. Example – A case of kids following parents’ behavior. If either one of the parents is using, the child is bound to follow their path. By restricting the access of prescription drugs in the teens’ presence any such kind of substance abuse can be avoided. Attending to one’s problems; any problem which may cause anxiety, depression or any other mental illness might cause someone to abuse a drug. Disadvantages to this is this is access to the substance itself and too much idle time on hand; advantages to this problem could be hope for tomorrow and improved self-esteem and confidence. Breaking patterns that one has seen through growing up with addicted parents. By attending the problem at hand – Example – be it monetary or relationships, by putting in time and effort with the help of the involved party should help to resolve some underlying issues. Depending on the factor that plays in this issue disadvantages could be lack of access to a person who is trustworthy and lack of resolve or motivation (or) lack of willingness to curb substance abuse; while advantages could be better friendships and relationships and the individual has contended with the idea of self. There are many reasons why individuals abuse drugs. It may be an underlying mental illness, an emotional trauma, peer pressure – the need to look ‘cool’ among friends, lack of ambition or drive, or just plain boredom. Whatever the reason, it is possible to come out of addiction and avoid relapse with the help of guidance, counseling, and support from loved ones.

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