assignment 1128

Assignment Instructions

In psychology, our environment or upbringing and biological factors influence who were are as adults. How we behave, react to situations, and deal with everyday crises, and relate to others are influenced by both our environment and genetic makeup.

Read the short case study below, visit this website and then answer the questions in an essay of at least three paragraphs.

Jane Doe and Mary Doe were twins were adopted into different families at the age of two. Their biological parents died in a car accident after a long night of heavy drinking and abusing drugs. Jane’s adoptive parents were loving and caring. Jane suffered from depression but received counseling and consistent care from her parents. Jane is doing well and is graduating from college with honors. Mary, in the other hand, was adopted by parents who were neglectful and not supportive of Mary’s emotional needs. Mary’s adotive mom died and was left to take care of her adoptive dad who was an alcoholic. Mary left home for college and to get away from her dad. Mary was very depressed and abused drugs occassionally. She felt alone, but didn’t trust anyone to have a long term relationships.

How does nature versus nurture influence the twins? What biological, psychological, environmental, and other factors influenced the twins. Why was the outcome different for both twins?

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