Child development

I need the following questions answered for a class.

1. When teachers plan for each child’s unique personality, strengths, and needs, they are considering which component of developmentally appropriate practice?

2. In planning classroom experiences, a first-grade teacher incorporates ways to convey respect for her students’ family structures and home languages. She is applying which component of developmentally appropriate practice?

3. An early childhood teacher arranges the physical environment in ways that promote physical health and safety, as well as feelings of safety and security. This demonstrates which role of the early childhood educator?

4. What is “push down curriculum” and why is this trend occurring?


5. What are development and learning? How are they similar and how do they differ?

6. How do theories help us understand development and learning?

7. How do early experiences influence brain development?

8. Key terms associated with the theorist:Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow, Erickson, Skinner, Bandura

9. Why must culture be considered when thinking about theories of development?

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