Assignment Instructions


  • The assignment was submitted on time as a Word Document attachment in APA format utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Student provided a clear review and teaching analysis of the chosen defensive technical skill from chapter 4.
  • Student applied the week 2 assignment feedback within specific examples of how he or she would teach the defensive skill.
  • The student demonstrated an understanding of the mental staircase specifically involving the role of habits in teaching football.

Take one of the defensive technical skills discussed in chapter 4 and locate a video or an article related to the teaching of the skill and provide a review and analysis of how the author teaches and discusses this skill. In your review and analysis, be sure to address the following questions.

* How would YOU coach this skill up the staircase? Take into account the feedback you received on your week 2 assignment. What aspects of skill will need to become habit before you try to work the skill up the next step? How will you know that your instruction has been effective/ineffective? Use the information from the video to support your answers. What specific teaching techniques would you use to instruct the skill effectively?

* Each skill has a section titled “Key Points’ located on the top left hand side of the page. Explain why these key points are valuable for learning the skill.

* Discuss anything that you would add to this section. Did the author do a good job of correcting the common errors? What would you do differently as a coach?

This essay must be submitted as a Word document attachment which is double-spaced and approximately two pages in length. Please cite all references used to develop your essay. This essay must be double-spaced and approximately two pages in length. Please cite all references used to develop your essay. Need help with APA format? Use this link:…

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