Coca cola discussion questions

Additional materials to read: a) Please review the information about Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances (part of the Dess et al book chapter about International Strategies; otherwise you will not be able to answer the questions) b) Please read the following story about Coca Cola’s recent acquisition of Costa Coffee: Coke brews an instant coffee rivalry.pdf Questions to Answer 1) Do you think that Tata Group is the ideal partner for Starbucks to succeed in the Indian market? Yes/No and Why? 2) Given the case information, why Starbucks needed a partner in India, particularly as the company has been successful in other countries? 3) Given the additional information concerning Coca Cola’s investment in Costa Coffee, please develop and explain 5 potential ideas that Tata Starbucks can implement to minimize the competitive threat that an improved Costa Coffee will bring to the Indian market? Notice that “develop and explain” equals that you need to be comprehensive in the idea where you need to think and propose; hence, if you come up with a 1-line idea = zero points Submission instructions: A) Answer length: There is a minimum of 3/4 of a page and a maximum of 1.5 pages per question [SINGLE space, Font type 12]. B) You can use bullet points to show some organization in your answers. However, do not rely your answers in only bullet points ( I may penalize with at least 5-points per each answer if you only use bullet points) C) You must write in Short-paragraphs and meet the minimum length per answer – I will penalize those who submit 1-paragraph answers (minus 5 points per each answer) D) Please identify the answers as #1, #2, #3 to avoid penalizations (minus 5 points per each answer) E) If you work with a partner: please remember to use “we” instead of “I” in your responses because that set the tone for 2 involuntary situations: a) the person submitting the assignment did the work for others so partners are seen as free riders or b) partners are not recognized for their work and person submitting the assignment took advantage of their work.

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