Dallas County Community Based Resources Survey Paper

Imagine that you are participating in a roundtable for various professionals who work with older adults. There are people from skilled nursing facilities, older adult daycare facilities, and human services and public health representatives, and others. You are representing your community center for aging services and have been asked to provide an analysis of the services provided for older adults in your community.

To successfully complete this analysis, you must complete the following:

  • Epidemiological and Demographic Information.
    • Locate the epidemiological and demographic information on older adults in your community, using sites such as the United States Census Bureau, Us Department of Health & Human Services, and the World Health Organization.
    • Pay particular attention to cultural, ethnic, and gender data, as this information will help drive your assessment of the level and quality of services in your community.
    • Analyze the implications for services in your community, using the epidemiological, census, and population data you located.
  • Survey of Community Resources.
    • Use the Internet, the telephone book, and the local newspaper to locate services for the aging provided in your community.
    • Describe the needs met and services provided by each organization or agency.
  • Analysis of Community Resources.
    • Using the information you have gathered regarding the demographics of your community and the local resources offered, analyze the level and quality of services in your community.
      • Are adequate services being provided?
      • What are the weak areas in service coverage?
      • What does your community do well?
      • Are the services at risk of being overwhelmed by anticipated needs?
  • Recommendations.
    • Propose recommendations and strategies designed to address needs that are not being met.
    • Describe how theories in adult development and aging informed your recommendations.
    • Support your recommendations by citing 3–5 peer-reviewed articles that address the current issues in adult aging and development.
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