Discussion 2 – Job Interviews – Interviewing Discussion Group 2

Task 1 – Review the following transcript taken from a job interview scenario (5 points)An Employment Interview for Review .docxsee attached docFor this task list two ways the recruiter could have improved the interview and two ways the candidate could have improved the interview. Give specifics in explaining how those changes would improve the dialogue.Task 2 – Find a job posting you would consider applying to after graduation. This job posting will be used in the class so copy and paste it somewhere to save it. Many times the postings will be taken down during the course of the semester. (2 points)    (I will provide the link of the job posting)Briefly summarize the job for task 2 or copy and paste some of the high-lights from the posting itself.Task 3 – Come up with three open-ended primary questions that you can anticipate being asked in an interview specific to the job you posted about intask 2. Move beyond general job interview questions to something more industry specific. (3 points)Task 4 – Comment on at least two peers’ questions. Share experiences you have had in interviews as well. (5 points)

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