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CCMH/525: Research Methods For Mental Health Counselors

Wk 2 Discussion 3 [due Mon]

Wk 2 Discussion 3 [due Mon]

Discussion Topic

Review this week’s course materials and learning activities, and reflect on your learning so far this week. Respond to one or more of the following prompts in one to two paragraphs:

In chapter 5 of Cozy & Bates (2015) different ways to measure variables are discussed. Thinking to your final research project discuss a method you will utilize and discuss why. If the types of methods are confusing please list what you feel you know, and what methods are confusing. Think about a correlation vs. an experiment for example.

Students need to contribute two substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies.

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Marie Elien

3 hours ago, at 7:25 AM NEW

In chapter 5, the authors talk about reliability. I’m a bit confused on whether reliability can be repeated. On page 101, the authors stated, ” when conducting research, you can measure each person only once; you cannot give the measure 50 or 100 times to discover a true score” ( cozby & Bates, 2015) . When reading this, to me it sounds like reliability can’t be repeated. Than on page 102, the authors talked about ” test-retest reliability- assessed by measuring the same individuals at two points in time” ( cozby & Bates, 2015). For my understanding, it’s now saying that reliability can be repeated and if the results are similar it is reliable. My question is can reliability repeated at anytime?


cozby, P, C., & Bates, S. C., (2015). Methods in behavioral research (12th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.


Marie Elien

4 hours ago, at 6:50 AM NEW

For my final research topic the best way to measure it is by interview and observation. I would ask my participants questions such as “being on a long-term antipsychotic treatment do you find your thinking process the same or is it getting slower?”. I will also question them about their memories ability, I will also examined them on how long they can focus on a task. I’m guessing this approach is called “face validity– the evidence for validity is that the measure appears on the face of it to measure what is supposed to measure” (Cozby & Bates, 2015). I will also observe their behavior while they are under treatment. This approach is called “interrater reliability- is the extend to which raters agree in their observations” ( Cozby & Bates, 2015).


Cozby, P, C., & Bates, S. C., (2015). Methods in behavioral research. (12th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.


Nicole Coalter

12 hours ago, at 10:31 PM

I think for my final project in research I would like to be able to measure the reliability of what I am researching. After reading the text I saw more formal ways to know what reliability in research is. The two ways are that compromise each other are true score and measurement error. True score in the text means the real score of measurement and measurement error means that the score is unreliable (Cozy & Bates, 2015). I think as going into the counseling field understanding reliability as a consistent and stable measure of behavior will help better understand our clients. I feel that behavior is the biggest thing as future counselors we look at in treating clients. Whether the behavior is good or bad; how do we overall keep improving the positive behavior and help the client to change his or her own behavior those are my thoughts. What are is the class thoughts on this?

Reference: Reference: Cozby, P. C., & Bates, S. C. (2015). Methods In behavioral research (12th ed.). Boston, MA:  McGraw-Hill Higher Education.


Katie Diaz

17 hours ago, at 6:14 PM

As we progress in this class i am changing what my initial research question and focusing it down to something more specific. I think that my research question now is going to focus more on how depression affect people in the workplace, this way there are not very many variables to determine and it has one main focus. So with that in mind I think that best approach would be to do interviews and surveys to see how much a person’s depressions affects their work habits. By doing interviews it would have to be done by two people so that the “Interrater reliability is the extent to which raters agree in their observations” (Cozby, 2015). That way each person will be able to read the person’s actions and truly see how much depression is affecting them in the workplace.

Reference: Cozby, P. C., & Bates, S. C. (2015). Methods In behavioral research (12th ed.). Boston, MA:

McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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