Domestic Violence Abuse Behavior

The topic can be anything you like as long as it relates to something in this class, not any other class. I also strongly recommend – though do not require – that it be something in which you have some personal interest, not something that you would find uninteresting.

Topics that students have written on in the past have included arguing one side or another of: abortion; drinking age; legalization of or reclassification of marijuana; mandatory jail sentences; 2nd Amendment; hate speech; standardized tests for public school students; higher tuition rates for out-of-state (or international) students; copyright violations in song-writing or other areas of the arts; regulation of tattoo parlors; antitrust issues in major league sports, e.g., NFL, NBA, etc.; non-employee classifications for amateur athletes in college and university sports; body cameras for police officers; surveillance of non-criminal activities; net neutrality; euthanasia; regulation of commercial animal husbandry; regulation of exotic pets; animal cruelty laws in general; regulation of sky-diving; and many, many other possibilities.

Otherwise, my suggestion is to go into google and type in keywords that correspond to whatever interests you. For instance, go into google and type in keywords such as “skiing,” “skydiving,” “running,” “stamp collecting,” “animal rights,” etc. etc., along with keywords that pertain to this class, e.g., “crime,” “criminal law,” “regulations,” “business,” “legal,” “law,” etc. etc.


You have an interest in fishing.

Go into google and type in keywords that link your hobby to the law/legal system. So, you use keywords such as “fishing,” “law,” “legal,” etc. You’ll probably come up with 10,000 or more hits.

You glance through the hits and find some links that seem interesting and others that don’t. Start reading what seems interesting.

After you have read a dozen or so of the hits, you will have begun to form an opinion. For instance, you might conclude that the nearly universal, albeit somewhat uncontroversial, discrimination against non-state residents in fishing license fees is illegal. You have just formed an opinion!

You will then write out your thesis statement (10 points):

“Higher fishing license fees for non-state residents violates the 14th Amendment”

Now, you will articulate your 2-4 main arguments (10 points):

Argument 1: Discriminatory license fees violate the Equal Protection Clause;

Argument 2: Discriminatory license fees violate the Due Process Clause; and

Argument 3: Discriminatory license fees violate the Privileges and Immunities Clause;

There you have it!

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