Dream Job as a First Lieutenant essay

Please avoid plagiarism

Use very very very simple words and please choose (first lieutenant) as my dream job

Follow the steps below:

Paper is to be a minimum of two pages and must include references used to conduct research

The goal of this assignment is for you to write about your dream job. What type of job do you want? Why do you want this job? Why do you think you are well suited for this job?

Describe the position. Conduct research on the requirements for the job. Go to the Department of Labor website and research the salary for this position. Are there other sources/ sites to gather information about this specific job? Identify at least two other sources for gathering information about this career path. What types of benefits will be included with the position? Health insurance? Retirement benefits? Vacation days? Sick days? Maternity leave? Do you have a specific geographic location in mind? Are you willing to relocate?

What tasks will you be expected of you? Be specific. Think about your daily activities. What do you envision? How will you be spending your time on the job? What skills are needed? What skills do you bring to the job and what skills do you need to develop? Why do you think you will be a good employee?

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