edu 321 week 2 discussion 1

Read Chapter 2 of your textbook, “First and Second Language Development and Their Relationship to Academic Achievement.”  In order to understand your ELLs and best serve them, you will need to have basic knowledge of how they learn and acquire language, especially a second language.  In learning about various first and second language acquisition theories and concepts, you will be able to make better and informed instructional decisions.

For this discussion forum, pick one of the following topics:

  1. Compare and contrast the theories and stages of first language acquisition to second language acquisition (pp. 47-52).  In your post, describe at least three similarities and at least three differences.  Create a graphic using a t-chart or Venn diagram that reflects your brainstorming and attach to your post.
  2. Identify and describe at least three former theories that still influence current practice (pp. 52-54) and three current theories of language development (pp. 54-64).  Compare and contrast the former and current theories. Describe at least two similarities and two differences.  How are the current theories informed by the former theories?
  3. Choose one of the following theories or hypotheses:  separate underlying proficiency (SUP) and common underlying proficiency (CUP), interlanguage theory, acquisition-learning hypothesis, natural order hypothesis, monitor hypothesis, comprehensible input hypothesis, affective filter hypothesis, threshold theory, or total physical response (TPR).  In your own words, describe how the textbook defines it.  Then, find two other articles about the theory or hypothesis.  These articles can be web-based or scholarly.  Compare the articles to the textbook.  How did the articles enhance what you learned from the textbook?  Describe at least three new things you learned.  (If you didn’t learn three new things, then you need to keep reading more articles.)

P.S. I want number 3 developed.



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