Elements of Music A Piece of Ground by Miriam Makeba Assignment

After choosing your song:

  • Give the name, artist, genre, year the song was written, and link.

Note: Please provide the static URL for the link you provide. If you do not know how to access the “Static URL link” in Naxos, view this tutorial.

  • Write two clear sentences for how your chosen song illustrates each of the following elements of music:
  1. rhythm
  2. tempo
  3. pitch
  4. melody
  5. harmony
  6. dynamics
  7. timbre

Please use the detailed vocabulary described in the learning activity section of this module. For example, with rhythm, I want to know what type of rhythm you hear in your song choice. For example, is it irregular, march, etc.?

Part 2 (30 points):

Provide a brief description of at least one paragraph that describes how these elements influence one another in this work.

For example, consider how the pitch, melody and timbre are related in the song. (Review ‘How do different elements of art work together?’ from this module’s learning activities for ideas). Explain fully.

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