eng 315 week 1 discussion and response

“Email and the Professional Workplace”

  • Read the article “Is Email Evil?”. Compare the author’s take on email with your own professional / personal experience using email. Make a case for the importance of email in the workplace OR present an alternative form of communication that could replace email in the professional environment (be sure to provide reasons to support your claims).

RESPONSE to this comment as well

Hello Professor and Classmates,

After reading the article on “Is Email Evil”, I have to say that I agree with many of views that the different people that were mentioned in the article discuss based on their own personal feelings how email has evolved over the year. In the beginning, it was an excellent way to communicate with a particular person or business without having to pick up the phone to call the person of client or getting in your vehicle to drive to get your message from one person to another. Now the word “Email” is evil to hear.

I find myself looking for ways to avoid reading my emails at work or home for days at a time unless there is something important that I have to complete or get out of the Inbox of my emails. I dread giving my email address out to anyone at all even when it is required for my personal welfare. If you think about it, each time you make a purchase in a store, the clerk ask for your email to send you coupons for future purchases which is the start to the evil that email has become.

In the workplace, it is important to have email communication at my job because it is so many people there in the building and it would be so hard to get the word out to the employees all at once without email. We have emails that go out that provide specific details like “Do Not Reply to this Emails” in the subject line as while as the header line. I can appreciate those emails because you do not have to worry about the hundreds of replies from the entire center. In addition to email, my job uses instant messaging as a way to communicate to people in the office. This method has turned out to be more effective than emailing the employees. The instant message well let you know that the agent is log into their computer before you send the message to them. This will cut down on the waiting for a response after the email has been sent. It would also cut down on the nonsense that email turns into with the multiple replies.


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