essay powerpoint 2 part assignment

Assignment 1 see below

For your case study, read the sections titled “Visionary” through “Affiliative Summary” of the following article from the required reading assignment:

Preston, G., Moon, J., Simon, R., Allen, S., & Kossi, E. (2015). The relevance of emotional intelligence in project leadership. Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development, 6(1), 16-40.

In your case study, be sure to address the following items:

Include a brief statement as to which of the leadership styles (visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding) presented in the article that you are most comfortable employing, in general.

Select and analyze one of the scenarios below. Be sure to provide the number of the scenario you chose.

Scenario 1: As a manager, you have two employees who have a difficult time working together. While nothing specifically unprofessional has been done by either one of them, other team members have expressed concern that the differences between them are causing tension, and some other team members are having difficulty performing their work. Some have even gone so far as to say that the situation is causing a hostile work environment.

Scenario 2: You are a newly hired department director, brought on board to help turn around a struggling department. The members of this department are highly educated and are taking steps to improve the professional development of department members. Despite these efforts, they feel they are underappreciated and also feel that they lack a voice in the direction in which the department is moving. You have leadership experience in a variety of industries.

Based on your understanding of the discussed leadership styles in the article, which would you choose to handle this situation?

What elements of that style do you feel will be most helpful in resolving the problems faced?

How would you proceed with handling the scenario?

How does the role of leadership in the decision-making process serve to establish an organizational climate oriented to meet business goals?

BBA 3651, Leadership 2

Utilize the CSU Online Library to locate one journal article to use as a reference that supports your case study. Your case study should be two to three pages in length.

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

The analysis should present an insightful and thorough discussion with strong arguments and evidence.

The content should be highly relevant and informative while remaining on topic.

Accuracy and close attention to detail should be clearly evident in all parts of the assignment.

The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.

The number of sources should meet or exceed assignment requirements, and all sources should be academically credible, and properly cited using APA formatting.

Assignment 2 see below

PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment, imagine that you have been tasked with preparing a cultural brief for an upcoming trip that will put you and your travel companions in touch with a different societal cluster. Choose one cluster other than the one in which you currently operate, and create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following items:

List and describe the cultural cluster that will be visited.

Provide information on cultural norms from the cluster to be visited, including specific information from the GLOBE study (see article by Javidan, Dorfman, De Luque, and House in the unit’s required readings).

Describe the leadership approaches preferred in the cluster that will be visited.

Describe considerations for leading multicultural teams.

Utilize the in-class materials to support the content of this presentation and include at least one image in your presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation should be 7 to 10 slides in length. The title and reference slides do not count toward the total slide count.

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below:

Your presentation should have originality, and the content should be presented in a unique and interesting manner. The analysis should be thorough and fully developed.

The organization should be clear. The main points should be arranged logically to support the information provide, with similar ideas grouped together with smooth transitions.

All graphics and texts should be appropriate, attractive, and support the theme and content. Be sure to use a consistent and appropriate background.

Any sources used should be properly cited and referenced according to APA format.

The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors.

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