explain judgmentally based test and empirically based test approaches

Read the following description for this question please:

Do you have a general idea of how classroom teachers can improve their tests? This task requires that you have a sufficient understanding of two common test improvement strategies — one judgmental, one empirical-and can identify flawed applications of those strategies. Imagine that you are a member of a small teacher learning community (TLC) at your middle school. A TLC whose focus is on improving the instructional skills of its 11 members. The group meets every other week for 90 minutes. Each TLC member has agreed to do some research on a TLC-designated topic, then provide a summary of that research to the whole group in writing. You were asked to do some reading about how to improve teachers classroom tests. You have decided to develop a brief explanation of what is involved in (a) judgmentally based test improvement and (b) empirically based test improvement. You intend to circulate a written description of these two test-improvement strategies to all TLC members at least three days before your next meeting. Using no more than 400 words, describe the essence of each strategy (that is, no more than 200 words per strategy).

*** on order to answer this question, you have to read chapter 11 ” improving teacher-developed assessments” which describe both approaches judgmentally based improvement procedures and empirically improvement procedure.

the link here have the chapter could you take a look at it please:



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