Quiz Psychology

Module 4  Sensation & Perception

Module 5 States of Consciousness

Module 6 Learning

Module 7 Memory

Module four quiz focuses on the following: experiments on subliminal perception; sensation; perception; Gestalt principle; vision; hearing; taste; touch; smell; brain processes of sensations; colors; adaptation; constancy; prosopagnosia; sound; extrasensory perception; olfactory receptors; decibels; theory in sound; impossible figures; gustation; gate-control theory of pain; phantom-limb pain; and theory of pain.

Module five quiz focuses on the following: drugs and their effects; CNS; sleep; rhythms; hypnosis; consciousness; meditation; Freud’s theory on dreaming; addiction; and REM sleep.

Module six quiz focuses on the following: types of learning; types of conditioning; Thorndike’s law of effect; theory of learning; punishment; reinforcers; stimuli; Skinner’s theory; Pavlov’s theory; and Little Albert.

Module seven quiz focuses on the following: memory; stages of memory and its process; forgetfulness; interference; Alzheimer’s disease; STM; LTM; Roy G. Biv; brain lobes; recognition; culture and memory; loss of memory; and Ebbinghaus’ theory.

Use chapter book that was uploaded previously & power point presentation/ebook try not to get full 20 points on each

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