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Chapter 11 leisure activity

1. Complete the Big Five Personality Inventory found here.

2. Paste the results in your submission.

3. Explain your results. What do the terms mean?

4. Did they surprise you, or did it go along with what you think your personality is? Tell me why or why no

Application assignment


1. Watch at least one of the videos relating to personality: The psychology of your future self, Is there a real you?,  Who are you really? The puzzle of personality. I chose the psychology of your future self

2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)

3. Why did you choose this video? What did you learn from it? How can you use this information to help you?

Chapter 15 leisure activity


1. Identify a behavior that is considered unusual or abnormal in your own culture; however, it would be considered normal and expected in another culture.

2. Suppose that you have a close friend or family member whom you are concerned about.

3. What factors would be important in determining whether this person’s behavior falls outside the range of “normal”? Give examples.

Application assignment

1. I want you to watch the videos within.

2. Write a summary: 500 Words this time

3. Answer the following questions:

-Why did you choose these videos?

-How do you think the individuals with these disorders feel?

-What impact does the disorder have on their life?

4. Type and submit as an attachment below

Chapter 16 leisure activity


Person-centered therapy is when a therapist provides empathic reflection and unconditional positive regard as the client discusses the problem.

How might elements of this type of therapy be useful for everyone to practice outside of therapy? Be sure to include specifics in your explanation. (It may be easier to choose a particular type of relationship to discuss: relationships with friends or loved ones, or with employers or employees)

Chapter 16 application assignment


1. Read the PDF  “Mental illness and reduction of gun violence and suicide: bringing epidemiologic research to policy” and “How The Loss Of U.S. Psychiatric Hospitals Led To A Mental Health Crisis”

2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)

3. In addition to your summary, include information  about whether or not you believe that the closing of mental institutions led to an increase in the mass shootings in the last decade. You can just write on your opinion. However, if you include information from ANY OTHER SOURCE you must cite that in your summary. Also, be aware that many sites present information in favor of this idea one year then in opposition to it the next year (changing of political power). You will not be graded on the correctness of  your opinion, but you will be graded on critical thinking skills and the presentation of relevant information.

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