Free Press as an Essential Element to Democracy

Fully respond to one of the four Mid Term Essay questions here

In this order, paste the following…

1. Information for APA Title Page (DO NOT include Author’s note, etc, just the three things that matter),

2. APA Abstract paragraph,

3. Body of paper with APA citations, at least 500 words,

4. APA reference list of sources cited

DO NOT use headers nor footers – DO NOT worry about formatting (as the syllabus says).

Pick your question NOW and get started on your research…

Write a minimum of five (5) pages, or 600 words or around 10-12 paragraphs responding to one (1) of the prompts below.

Find, use and cite AT LEAST five (5) scholarly sources. Use APA citation format. You say what others have said on the topic and make clear where you stand on the topic as well. Start with a strong thesis statement and end with a strong conclusion. Use the scholars to support your opinion.

You will provide the three pieces of information that go on an APA title page (Title of paper, your name, college name). You will write a one (1) paragraph APA abstract stating (in the third person) the main point of the paper. The body of your paper, where you use and cite your scholarly sources using APA, is followed but the APA Reference List, where you give fully APA citations to everything you cited, that is, everything that is not your own idea.


1…What do you think are the most important reasons for low public trust in government? How could public trust in government be increased?

2…Combating terrorism has entailed restrictions on civil liberties. How can we reconcile civil liberties and national security? What sorts of limits on personal freedom do you think are acceptable? What sort of actions are not acceptable? How does national security affect Americans’ support of liberty?

3…With campaigns using YouTube and Facebook, do you think that the internet promotes and helps democracy or not? What challenges are there in making sure that citizens relying on the internet are informed political participants?

4…Why is a free press essential to democracy? If there were no free press, how would you get your information? If you couldn’t trust the information, what effect would that have on your political attitudes? Can we maintain a democracy when most Americans pay little attention to political events?

Notice each question asks for YOUR opinion???… Always support your opinion with scholarly sources (those who agree or disagree with you, and, of course, the reasons why.)

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