hazards present in oil and gas industries

Q1Every workplace is associated with safety hazards. Identification of safety hazards is important to eliminate and be prepared to control any accident, injury, property damage and downtime. Prepare a report on the common hazards present in oil and gas industries.

The following guidelines will befollowed to present the report.

(i) Introduction (minimum 2 pages)

(ii) Identification and critical analysis of the common hazards in the oil and gas industry. Report the consequences on exposure to these hazards. Also suggest the control measures to be adopted to avoid any accidents in future from these hazards. This part of the report will be presented in the form of a table.(minimum 8pages with minimum 15 common hazards)

(example of work places hazards: Fire, Electricity, chemical, Temperature , pressure ,confined spaces, hot works , static electricity , gas leakage, suspended loads ,H2S and ets..)

(iii) Conclusions and Recommendations (minimum1 1/2 – 2 pages)

(iv) References


– Paraphrase

– minimum word limit is 3000

-Include relevant pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs, tables etc. Give proper in-text-citations and reference (APA/Harvard style)

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