HE 551 Purdue Moral Development Discussion Board

Moral Development

Using the class Discussion Board, draw from your readings as well as your personal and professional experiences to address the Discussion topic.

Jill, a junior, is active in the student association as treasurer. Allegations have been made to you, the club advisor, that Jill has misappropriated funds. Specifically, she has been accused of purchasing food for events and using some of the food for her apartment. The allegations indicate that this has been going on for some time and the amounts are in the hundreds of dollars. The person that has brought these allegations to your attention is Fran, Jill’s roommate and an active member of the student association. Fran does not know what to do and also does not want Jill to know that Fran talked to you.

Fran has said something to Jill about what she thinks is happening, and Jill replied, “It was only a small amount of food, and I deserve it for all the work I’ve done for SA. What’s a couple of bucks when the budget is a million?”

Considering the theories of moral development of Gilligan and Kohlberg, identify the stages that Fran and Jill are experiencing. Now guide Fran and explain what you are hoping to accomplish. (Identify specific advice, questions, or responses). How will you approach Jill, and what goal will you have in mind as your approach relates to her moral developmental progress?

Part 2:

Theory-based Mission Statements

You will recall that in Unit 1 you took a look at mission statements from various institutions. Now you will look for a mission statement for a Student Affairs division or office (e.g., Student Activities, First Year Programs, Residence Life, Greek Life, etc.) that is theory based. Using one of the theories (e.g., Kohlberg, Gilligan, Perry, Chickering) that we have studied so far, articulate how the mission statement is based on your chosen theory. In your original post include both the mission statement you found (properly cited) and your analysis of how the statement is based on or supported by theory.

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