HIST189 What Is The Next Big Thing In The Evolution Of Africa?

you will write a 6-7page research paper on a topic of your choosing. In this paper, you should identify a “historical puzzle” or “why question” focused on a distinct process or phenomenon in African history. You then must make an argument answering that question . you must cite at least 3 academic, peer reviewed secondary sources. One of these must be a peer-reviewed book. If possible, you may use a primary source in lieu of one of the three secondary sources. the similarity need under 8%

The paper must be in a 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. MLA style and formation guidelines.your thesis must be in bold type.

AND besides, you need give me a preliminary research question and citations for at least 3 sources in 3 hours!!!!!!!!!

next, you need give me a paper draft before you finish it and the final paper .

you will have a long time to write this research paper, if there has any questions or other requirement, i will connect with you. Please complete it in a high quality.

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