I want a peer response to the below post in 150 words using apa format

What should Mark have done if Jack still was not able to resolve the problem

Mark has parcel of desire on Jack. He thought Jack would think of a structure for utilizing all similar entryways for airplane. As he was endeavoring to give his best to the organization he picked Jack who can offer 100% to the undertaking. However, Mark should realize that he needs to keep and one more specialist other than Jack. In the event that Jack couldn’t do the task Mark should keep an elective individual. As McRoy Aerospace is a profoundly beneficial organization. Furthermore, it is a profoundly effective running organization. So from my view point Mark ought not rely upon one asset as he might be achievement or may not. So every time you should keep an elective thought in mind.As jack was prepared to do this toward the end as his wheels were turning regarding the matter of the testing issue itself. So following couple of weeks after the fact the issue was understood and Jack kept his notoriety and it rose to higher than at any other time.

-Would it make sense for Mark to assign this problem to someone else now, after Jack could not solve the problem the second time around

From Mark perspective Jack was the main individual who he can figure the undertaking should be possible by him. As Mark said if Jack couldn’t do it, he trusted it wasn’t possible. Stamp expressed that he can’t envision any other individual notwithstanding verging on taking care of this issue. Mark solicited Jack to propose one from his collaborators who can in any event come a large portion of an opportunity of getting it going. From my perspective it won’t bode well to appoint this issue to another person as he gave parcel of time to Jack as he was the best specialist who can complete this yet he himself said No when it was doled out to him. He asked him since he can take his the learning from Jack from his understanding he can take assistance from other laborer and begin doing the task as it have an esteem added to the McRoy Company ,in the event that things being what they are as a triumph it would benefit the association or else it would be misfortune to the organization.

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