International Human Resource Management project

The below is the assessment sheet and I will upload the file also with my  highlighted important pointes and I will upload the material that we study in the college because we need to related this assignment with which we are already learnt from the materials. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION PLEASE CONTACT ME BY MAIL:

Evaluate the factors involved in managing the performance of expatriate employees in a cross-cultural environment

Fairmont Hotel – Ajman


  1. Introduction (of the company)

  • Provide information about the company you are researching.

  • Provide when the company was established, what they are selling, and some important information (number of employees etc.)  1/2 page

2. (Body) provide a summary of the topic based on the information you have gathered from the interview or from the company’s information sheet, website etc.(secondary data).     2 pages

  1. Performance Management of International Employees –Interview with Fairmont Hotel – Ajman :

The below information from the interview that I did with HR management but I didn’t got a good answer so if you can find some answer from researching online:

Need only 4 of these questions with the answer be on the assessment as part of Body but you can combine two questions together to be the information more richer.

  1. From your experience how can a company manage an expatriate employee’s performance?

There is no performance review for expatriate employees’ performance but there is assistant or help the expatriate but there is no monitoring.

2. What types of expatriate assignments do you have?

Only tasks force for 4 months.

3. In your opinion, how changes in Global corporate strategies impact Multination Enterprise performance management?

We don’t have any changes for global corporate polices. It’s stay for a long period.

4. How the manager can set performance criteria for job in Multination Enterprise performance.

One and one description expectation for one or two months by communication between the manager or leader and the employees what are they needs for the position and what the area needs to improve and it’s different for each department but have same core value.

5. How can designing performance appraisal system help the organization to achieve the vision of the organization?

We have only policies which come from the parent country and done by corporate level.

6. What are performance appraisal tools used by your organization?

CPR which is College performance Review which comes from corporate offices

3. Analysis of the findings (In this part, it is expected that you pick out the most important points that you have gathered from Part II and you have to analyses (say whether it is effective or not, advantages and disadvantages, compare and contrast with what we have learned in the slides) of the strategies they are using and apply relevant models/theories you have learned in this subject (from our slides). Observe correct citations/referencing)   2 pages

4. Conclusion –   1/2 page

5. Recommendations to improve HR Practices  –   1/2 page

  • Based on your analysis of findings, do you think there is/are strategies or approaches that you have learned in class that would be helpful to improve or a much more effective method than the company’s current approach? If so, what is/are those? Why is that effective for this company

6. References

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA  (100 marks for Group)

Below are the criteria for marking this project. Note from the below, the expectations are: you must emphasize or thoroughly provide a coherent write-up in the 3 areas as shaded in yellow below.

Assessment Point/Value Maximum



Questionnaire is complete to match the goals of information collection.



Complete Analysis of the Interview data including the analysis of the interview results.



Application of relevant international HR concepts/ theories/ Models



Recommended proposal to improve current HR practices



Signed  Media Authorization Releases for all interviews



A full reference list is provided in APA format



Professional Document (including grammar, spelling, layout, organization)



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