international relations 14

For this assignment, please write a 500-600 words in length, double-spaced, essay on a current event related to international relations. Be sure to apply at least one theoretical perspective to it and articulate the level(s) of analysis you’re using and to demonstrate your understanding of at least five international relations terms (e.g. like the ones discussed on the Week 1 forum). Your essay should be insightful and demonstrate your critical thinking on the topic.

In your introductory paragraph, introduce the current event, theoretical perspective, level(s) of analysis and terms you’re going to discuss. End the paragraph with your thesis statement. Please look back a the directions regarding an introduction under Progress Assignment 2 tab. Also, please, please, please look over the comments which came along with your grade for Progress Assignment 2.

The same logic applies here to the introduction: inform the reader briefly what event will be the focus of your essay, what theoretical approach and level of analysis will you use to explain it, and what theoretical concepts are you using for your critical assessment. Throughout the essay, then, follow the outline you provided in your introductory paragraph. Conclude your essay with two or three main points with which you want to leave your reader. PLEASE define and explain the concepts and the theories before you apply them.

Your submission should be free from errors and demonstrate your knowledge on the topics you discussed. Exclusive use of the course materials is required for the content knowledge and analysis. Please upload your work as a .doc or .docx file.

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