Learning Team Collaborative Discussion: Security Memo

Consider the following scenario for your Week Five Learning Team Collaborative discussion and associated Individual Assignment: Security Memo for this week:

Given recent business growth, Jon has become concerned about internal and external security threats. He has asked you to prepare a memo with ten ideas to improve or enhance internal and external security. Jon realizes that you are not aware of all of the security precautions and activities currently in place, but he expects your list will include some new ideas.

Many of the managers in the main building have approached Jon about the actions they can take to support information security in their departments. Jon has asked you to draft a security checklist that can be used by the managers to reduce internal and external threats.

Recently, there has been a 5% reduction in the daily throughput to the 3D printers without any reduction of demand or usage from customers. This has had an effect on revenues that will eventually result in cost reductions to include the reduction of employees. You have noticed that some employees watch HD shows on their business computer during their lunch hours and for a while after working hours. You are concerned that the downloading of HD shows over the company’s network might be using throughput that would otherwise go to the 3D printers.

Discuss what should to be considered in drafting a security memo.

Include the following in your response:

  • Compile a checklist of at least 10 potential internal and external threats.
    • Identify potential internal threats and the software, hardware, network protocols, and policies you can use to protect against them.
    • Identify potential external threats and the software, hardware, network protocols, and policies you can use to protect against them.
    • Identify potential vulnerabilities related to maintenance tasks and policies you can enforce for servers, endpoint computers, and network devices.
    • Identify potential network protocol vulnerabilities.
  • Compile a list of at least 10 recommendations for changes that Jon can deploy to help his company improve the network security and performance, and to reduce security vulnerabilities and risk.
    • Recommended network devices.
    • Recommended network software.
    • Recommended network protocols.
    • Recommended cabling.
    • Recommended server and computer configuration, software, and policies.
    • Recommended security software, configurations, and policies.
    • Recommended maintenance tasks and policies.
    • Recommended user usage policies.
    • Recommended physical security.
    • Recommended training.
  • Discuss the ethical and security concerns regarding the network congestion and personal usage situation and make recommendations for how Jon should address the issues.
    • What are the ethical issues involved in the network congestion and personal usage situation that might be impacting network performance?
    • Does network congestion and personal usage situation introduce any security concerns for the company?
    • What action, if any, should be taken to resolve this situation and create a more secure network for the company?
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