Medieval Women Literature Paper

This exam has two parts. For each part you will choose among the options and write one

essay, for a total of two essays.Prepare both essays according to the guidelines for all formal writing, as described in previous assignments. You should aim for about 750 words for each of your two essays. You may exceed this suggested length, but try not to go beyond 1000 words.Indicate the word count on your submission.

Keep in mind that an effective essay will have a thesis and support its claims with examples from the texts you are discussing. Do not devote many words to lengthy quotations from the primary texts. Judicious, brief quotation is good, but in most cases an allusion and a parenthetical page reference will suffice. Please provide a bibliography of the sources you cite, even though, in most cases, these will be the primary texts used by this class.Feel free to bring in any of the secondary materials we have read; indeed, anything on the Canvas modules, including excerpts from other primary texts, can be material for discussion here. No additional reading or research is required.

Additional advice: When no texts are specified by name in a question, be sure to discuss a range of works.For this purpose, the poetry we read early and later in the semester may be considered one “work,” as are the Paston Letters. The goal here is to synthesize what you have learned in the course and to make your best effort to represent the breadth and depth of your knowledge.Please be mindful not to repeat at length material you discussed in either of your two papers for this course and to avoid repetition from one essay to the next. Try to discuss a range of works between your two essays. Remember this is your opportunity to demonstrate what you know and how you have thought about medieval women writers.

The questions in Part One are capacious, asking you to reflect upon and synthesize the major issues that we have considered in our investigation of medieval women’s writing. The questions in Part Two are more local, asking you to examine a particular aspect or theme of the works we have read.

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