percent predictions portfolio

Directions: You probably see them in the news all the time—predictions about prices, jobs, stocks, and other aspects of the economy. Now it’s your turn to predict the future! Follow the directions to make and explain an economic prediction for an article you have been asked to write in the Economic News. 1. Choose one item of interest to you in the Historical Pricing Chart on the next page. 2. Calculate the percent of change of the item’s price each decade, and use your results to determine the average rate of change from 1960–2000. 3. Comment on the trend in your item’s percent of increases. 4. Go shopping! Find the average current price of your item online, in the newspaper, or locally by looking at the price when you go to the store in the next day or two. Does the current price match the trend from 1960–2000 that you identified? Explain your thinking. 5. Create a line graph or other visual model to show the pricing trend. Be sure to include the current price in your model. 6. Predict the item’s price at a future date. Use your calculations and visual model to justify your prediction. 7. Organize your analysis, prediction, explanations, and visual model in a brief news article. Your completed article will be submitted as your portfolio assessment

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